Announcing Our Acquisitions

June 30, 2017
Category: News

RE:  AssembleTronics llc Acquires Standard Controls and its affiliates Standard Fabrication and

To our customers, staff and suppliers,


In 2016, Bob Potysman, President and... Continue reading

Tags: Standard Controls Standard Fabrication AssembleTronics Acquires

The Next Evolution: Fracking Trucks

June 13, 2017
Category: Articles

The energy industry has evolved and officially rebounded. Ho... Continue reading

Tags: Fracking America

Cables and Partners: You Have a Choice

June 06, 2017
Category: Articles

The world is full of cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Yes, these simple and colorful wires are generally undetectable or unnoticed. From watches, water heaters, and sub-stations to automobiles, jumbo jets, and space satellites—our lives and our futures are impacted by these products. Now, whe... Continue reading

Tags: Cable Assembly Manufacturing

A New & Improved Website

May 12, 2017
Category: News

AssembleTronics is excited to announce its new and improved website The goal of the website was to provide our stakeholders with a tool to better understand and follow our company.


The updated website provides clients and visitors to the site with a cleaner an... Continue reading

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